e.phemera: TV Offal

The release of this lovely short podcast on Dirty Feed, reminded me of the time I spent watching Victor Lewis-Smith’s TV Offal. For some reason I never sat down specifically to watch it, but I think I stumbled across it most weeks, often having missed a few minutes at the beginning. The show is famous for being the first to broadcast the filthy Rainbow sketch that was made for a Christmas tape, as well as the Gay Daleks.

I won’t link to full episodes, though I am sure they are available on such nefarious sites as YouTube, but here’s a clip from the genesis of the show, short clips of which were aired on TV Hell:

And here’s VLS doing one of his famed prank calls:

TV Offal was followed by Ads Infinitum on BBC2:

If you’ve got this far, then maybe I should save you some search time on YouTube.

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