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I had a little lament the other evening, that it’s such a shame Kathy Burke never appeared in The New Statesman. She would have been equally wonderful as a slick Tory backbencher, or a Labour frontbencher.

Here’s an early review of Kathy’s work – a performance in the play Ghosts.

The Stage – Thursday 21 June 1984

In 1989, Maureen Paton is bang on the money with the closing lines of this review.

The Stage – Thursday 24 August 1989

The timing of this play is rather interesting. This is the summer of 1989, and by November of the following year, Kathy was playing Waynetta Slob in Harry Enfield’s Television Programme. It’s possible the two things are related.

This wasn’t the only sketch show she was involved with in the early 1990s. Here’s an article that mentions the early stirrings of what would become The Real McCoy, at this time referred to as Flick.

The Stage – Thursday 09 August 1990

Anyone know more about the game show mentioned in the final sentence?

Daily Mirror – Tuesday 7 February 1989

And finally, here’s a small write-up of Life’s A Bitch, by Clive James.

Daily Mirror – Saturday 20 May 1995
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