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There’s a line on page 73 of Proctology: A Bottom Examination which reads:

Rik also made a corporate video in 1988, but his was for John Cleese’s Video Arts production company. Managing Problem People: Behavioral Skills For Leaders was directed by Charles Crichton (who directed A Fish Called Wanda), and was written by Stephen Fry.

At the time I wrote it, that was about as much information as I could find, but since then, Video Arts have been slowly releasing their archive on YouTube, and it’s well worth exploring.

Here’s Rik’s scene, in amongst what appears to be a compilation of other problem employee type videos they made through the years.

It was written by Stephen Fry, and there’s plenty of the Stu and Gordon from A Bit, and it appears Stephen himself is dressed as Jeeves, for reasons that aren’t apparent in this clip.

It’s great that this trove of previously hard to find comedy history is being released.

PROCTOLOGY: A Bottom Examination is my in-depth guide to all things Bottom.

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