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It’s publication day for my new sci-fi comedy novel, and I am trying to resist my most British of urges to just cough politely, and never mention it again. In so doing, I thought I’d have a look at some early newspaper coverage of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, and there’s very little of it to be found – certainly whilst it was still solely a radio show.

I really enjoy the complete lack of prescience in this article about radio comedy adaptations though.

The Stage – Thursday 01 February 1979

Maybe whoever wrote it is pleased they were credited as a Television Today reporter, not least because less than a year later, with a new radio series being given some special treatment, there was confirmed talk of a TV transfer.

Daily Mirror – Tuesday 22 January 1980

Here’s a review of Ken Campbell’s stage version …

Daily Mirror – Tuesday 22 January 1980

And finally, here’s an announcement from the BBC, in which the new TV show is mentioned, alongside a new sitcom called Hi-De-Hi!.

Belfast Telegraph – Monday 11 August 1980

Anyway, you might enjoy Jem Roberts’ fabulous biography of Douglas Adams, The Frood. And have a read of his thoughts on a new book about the author here.

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