Clipping Yarns

Have a look at this full-page spread, because, you know, BUMS.

Daily Mirror – Tuesday 22 July 1975

There’s no mention here of the team’s upcoming solo/duo projects, but a month later, the BBC is pleased to announce …

The Stage – Thursday 21 August 1975

Here’s a listing for the pilot episode of Ripping Yarns.

Liverpool Echo – Wednesday 07 January 1976

By May of 1977, the full series was already getting some nice early previews.

Daily Mirror – Saturday 14 May 1977

And this one …

The Stage – Thursday 04 August 1977

The full series was rather well received, which is hardly a surprise.

Liverpool Daily Post (Welsh Edition) – Saturday 24 September 1977

And finally, in this preview, we learn the genesis of the series’ title.

Daily Mirror – Tuesday 27 September 1977
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