These Four Walls Are Closing In

I’m writing this in an effort to exorcise a pernicious ear-worm. It’s burrowed so deep into my head now that I’m worried its actually eating my brain from the inside. The name of my pain is Rainbow’s Since You’ve Been Gone.

I didn’t realise that this was actually a cover version. The song was originally written and performed by Russ Ballard.

Could I be wrong, but I have half a suspicion that I was introduced to this track by Brian May, when I saw his Back To The Light tour in Birmingham around 1993.

So, three versions of the same song, each with a very different attitude. Rainbow’s is full of rage and energy, while the original is more of a lament. And Brian’s version has the verve, but not the anger of Rainbow, and is more about the spectacle of it.

And this got me thinking …

It’s a shame that there aren’t more cover versions in the comedy world. I guess that overseas remakes count when it comes to sitcoms and panel shows, and some sketches are handed down through the generations (The Four Yorkshiremen) – but it doesn’t happen with stand-up (at least post 1980). I understand why that it is, but now I really want to hear Izzard’s version of Double Seat, Julia Morris’ rendition of The Ballad Of Freda And Barry, and Chris Rock’s re-telling of A Horse In The Hospital.

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