Only Yules And Horses (Part Four)

And so we come to the (first) finale trilogy of Only Fools And Horses. The show had been off our screens for three years, and this was going to be the big farewell. Surely the press were going to be all over this landmark Christmas television event. Let’s find out …

The news was announced in July.

Daily Mirror – Thursday 18 July 1996

Four months later, the Mirror broke the exclusive news that this was to the be last outing for the show – even though they said this in the article above in July.

Daily Mirror – Tuesday 19 November 1996

A couple of weeks later, and the paper took the chance for a double-page retrospective.

Daily Mirror – Thursday 28 November 1996

With the festive specials fast approaching, Del and Rodney were getting more coverage that they usually got for Christmas.

Daily Mirror – Saturday 21 December 1996

But then it all started to get a bit narcissistic, as the Mirror started looking at itself.

Daily Mirror – Friday 27 December 1996

Before it just got weird.

Daily Mirror – Saturday 28 December 1996

And then weirder still, inside.

Daily Mirror – Saturday 28 December 1996

Before they got back to the point for the finale.

Daily Mirror – Monday 30 December 1996
Daily Mirror – Monday 30 December 1996
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