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If my blogs this past week have piqued your interest in sitcom curios, you might like to read more about it all in some fabulous books by Lee Goldberg.

Unsold Television Pilots (2 volumes) is a comprehensive exploration of nearly 3,000 US Television pilots from the 1950s onwards, and covers all genres, not just sitcoms.

Unsold TV Pilots: The Greatest Shows You Never Saw is an abridged version of the above book, available on the Kindle, and was the basis for the hour-long ABC special “The Best TV Shows That Never Were” and the hour-long CBS special “The Greatest Shows You Never Saw”. It covers 300 pilots of different genres.

While Television Fast Forward: Sequels & Remakes of Cancelled TV Series examines every single US TV series remake and sequel produced from 1955-1992.


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