Richard And Eddie Have Hit Bottom

I originally mistyped the title as ‘Richard And Eddie Have Hot Bottom’, which would have been a good headline for an article about the show doing well in the ratings, or selling out theatres around the country for the live show. As it is, here’s an article from the Nottingham Evening Post on Friday 15th December 1995, in the week that Bottom Live: The Big Number Two Tour came to a close at the Nottingham Royal Centre.

As promised, the paper did feature The Gobbler the following week (22nd December).

There’s some interesting little nuggets in this interview – the fact that he plans on writing two more novels (one a sequel to The Gobbler, the other about an ageing rock band), announcing that this will be the last installment of Bottom, and mention of a TV movie (not Guest House Paradiso by the sounds of it either).

And here’s a review of the last shows of the tour, from the same paper the next day.

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