The Bottom Bugle

Often when you see a newspaper on a TV show it’s a mock up, and often it’s one that’s been mocked up from a real paper. Take this, for example, from the first episode of Bottom (Smells), which aired on the 17th September 1991, and was recorded on the 14th June 1991.

The Hammersmith Bugle is a made up title, but the articles are not. They are taken from The Richmond Informer, from Friday 31st May 1991. It’s the Don’t Duck A Pukka Chukka headline that gave it away. Here’s that very back page as it appeared in real life.

And here’s the front page in all it’s Sooty-based glory.

I can’t see any obvious tells that they just glued their own banner across the top of the prop, and there never was a Hammersmith Bugle.

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