Some Fast Show Clips

The TV Weekly page in the Daily Mirror on the 24th September is titled Smashie Pens A Real Smasher. We’ll have a look at most of what’s on the page, just to get a sense of where TV comedy was at on the weekend before the first episode of The Fast Show aired.

The write-up about The Fast Show itself is just a small bit up in the top left corner.

It’s interesting to see which sketches are being highlighted, and in which order. They obviously had no idea which ones would capture people’s imaginations, but they must have been able to judge the studio audience reaction. To see the Coppers mentioned above the tailors is rather surprising.

The majority of the page was given over to the new sitcom Nice Day At The Office, written by Paul Shearer and Richard Turner, and starring Timothy Spall.

If you can find a clip of this show without being bombarded with David Brent, your search skill are better than mine.

Elsewhere on the page is a bit about Quantum Leap.

And the rest of the page features the reviews of Jaci Stephen.

She likes Partridge, but not Sanders.

Let’s see what she thought of The Fast Show, from the same paper a few days later.

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