A Pinch Of Snuff With Hale And Pace

What I like about trawling through old newspaper clippings, sifting through the grit to find some gold, is when you learn something new. Like this, for example, the ITV version of Daziel and Pascoe, starring Hale and Pace.

A Pinch Of Snuff ran for three episodes in 1994, was based on the novel by Reginald Hill, and was produced by Keith Richardson. John Simm played a character called Clint Hepplewhite.

Norman even rode along on a real murder investigation as part of his preparation for the role.

Here’s how Pat Moore reviewed the show in The Stage, on Thursday 21st April.

ITV aired the mini-series at half ten on a Saturday night, which Broadcast described as ‘severely limiting’ to its chances, and saw the first episode place 127th in the week’s ratings. With 4.2 million viewers, it was ITV’s poorest drama debut since Tales Of Sherwood in 1989. The scheduling, the paper noted, was probably due to the current furore about video nasties.

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