Thought Vomit #142: ft. Luke Skywalker’s Blog

May 4th, 1977
posted by WannaBe_Jedi

Got two new droids. Pretty sure one of them is gay.


May 5th, 1977
posted by WannaBe_Jedi

Uncle Owen and Aunt Maru slaughtered.



May 6th, 1977
posted by WannaBe_Jedi

I stink of Wookie.

Hope it doesn’t put off the Princess when I try and bone her.


May 7th, 1977
posted by WannaBe_Jedi

I’m hearing voices.



May 9th, 1977
posted by WannaBe_Jedi

Destroyed the Empire. All I got was this fucking medal.

You’d think I’d have at least got me some fanny.


May 4th, 1980
posted by Swamp_Dweller

Not posted for ages sorry. Been busy.

Met my Dad today.

Hope I didn’t smell like the inside of a Tauntaun.


May 10th, 1983
posted by Jedi

Killed my Dad.

Turns out I snogged my sister.

Seeking therapy, awaiting flaming.

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