Clip Clip, It’s Reeves And Mortimer

There are a few common themes when reading reviews for Vic and Bob shows. See if you can spot some. Here’s James Green’s thoughts in The Stage from 14th June 1990, as he discusses Vic Reeves Big Night Out.

Here’s Simon London, talking about The Smell Of Reeves And Mortimer, from The Daily Mirror on 9th October 1993.

The framing of their new show, Families At War, as being the new sweeping away the old guard, was predictable and inevitable. Take this, from the Mirror, in May of 1998.

Fiona Looney shared some thoughts about Families At War in The Sunday Tribune on 18th April 1999.

This is how the Mirror reported the show’s cancellation, come the 18th July 1999.

I like that Andrew Aldridge doesn’t think that a comedy duo with a decade of television credits are ‘the future of comedy’, when he reviewed Bang Bang, It’s Reeves And Mortimer for The Stage on the 7th January 1999.

When Catterick came along in 2004, Harry Venning had a lot nicer things to say.

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