Come Back Mrs Noah USA?

Come Back Mrs Noah was a sitcom by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft, who wanted to make a space sitcom before everyone else started doing it, after the huge success of Star Wars. Given carte blanche, they wrote a vehicle for Mollie Sugden.

Here’s how the pilot was received in December of 1977 by Kenneth Burgess in the Coventry Evening Telegraph.

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Nonetheless, a full series was comissioned, and previewed in The Daily Mirror, by Ken Irwin, on the 3rd June 1978.

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But still the reviews were lukewarm. Like this one, from Ian Mollison, in the Aberdeen Evening Express, published on the 29th July 1978.

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For a sitcom that was so roundly derided, it had a bit more travel than you might expect. At least according to David Croft himself. A year after it was broadcast, this article appeared in the Daily Mirror.

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I can’t find out if a US pilot was ever made, but I’d love to see it if it was.

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