Rik’s First Movie And TV Appearances

Eye Of The Needle is a spy thriller from 1981, starring Donald Sutherland, written by Stanley Mann, based on the novel by Ken Follett, and directed by Richard Marquand, who would later go on to direct Return Of The Jedi. It’s also notable for the first appearance on the big screen by Rik Mayall.

And here’s a bit of Rik’s first TV appearance, in the same year.

Begins at 47m20s

There’s a remarkable scene earlier on in this, featuring Alexei Sayle and Keith Allen too.

Begins at 33m30s

Wolcott was a four part mini series that aired on ITV in January of 1981. It explored the drug trade in London, and racial tensions in the police force and wider society. Here’s another scene with Rik.

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