The Golden Girls On The Golden Girls

Here’s a selection of interviews with the stars of The Golden Girls. To begin, an incongruous one, when Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty appeared on The Word in 1992.

Here Rue McClanahan discusses her development of Blanche.

Betty White is candid here about the chemistry between the cast.

Here Rue talks about the casting of the show, channels a great impression of Bea Arthur, and refers to this story by Elaine Stritch.

Betty tells a similar story.

The whole cast appeared on an episode of The Merv Griffin Show in 1985.

And here’s Estelle Getty chatting to Joan Rivers.

Winifred Hervey has some good stories about writing for Bea Arthur.

After Bea left the show, it was retooled as The Golden Palace and moved to CBS.

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