A Chance To Meet Cyril And Edward

The careers of Little And Large seem to mirror well the career of Cannon And Ball. Cyril Mead and Edward McGinnis began performing in 1962. They were soon touring the clubs as singers, but quickly focused on the comedy, and turned professional in 1963. They appeared on Opportunity Knocks in 1971, and unlike Bobby and Tommy, they won.

They soon had their own ITV show, The Little And Large Tellyshow, but come 1978 they moved to the BBC. I was going to embed their 1980 Christmas special, but I find it far too offensive. Instead, here they are in conversation with Bob Evans, presumably as they performed on Jersey for the summer season. Their incuriousity about their craft is interesting, as is their casual dismissal of their writers.


I wonder if that story of how they met is true.

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