Rotten Apple (First Reviews Of A Kindle Experiment)

One day this self-absorption is bound to fade, but for now forgive me. There’s a video of kittens at the end, I promise.

What Ive enjoyed about the positive reviews I’ve had on Amazon is that they’ve entered in to the spirit and tone of Rotten Apple. And yes, this is a cynical excuse to reproduce one here – deal with it.

“A noir masterpiece.

A stirring and fast-paced action spectacular from start to finish, Rotten Apple pulls no punches in shedding light on the dark underbelly of one of the world’s most intriguing cities. Parodying the conventions of classic pulp, Simon Dunn gives us an anti-hero we can be proud of: Vic Malone – cop, rebel, lover, and all-round tough-nut. Never flinching, relentless in his adherence to justice, he rightly deserves to become a household name. Great fun!”

I’ve added the opening paragraphs to the blurb, though I’m not sure about it. Maybe an extract from deeper in might give a better idea of the tone and style.

Rotten Apple on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

And yes, kittens.

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