Must See TV: Blackout Night

At the height of its Thursday night dominance, NBC was still trying to find ways to grab more viewers. And so they hit upon the idea of a themed night of shows, where all four of the big sitcoms would have a sort of overlapping thing going on. In 1994, they chose a black out across all of New York. It was caused by Jamie Buchman in Mad About You, and extended into Friends and onwards.

But as you can see, Seinfeld couldn’t be bothered, leaving a bright light shining slap bang in the middle of the darkness. Instead, they went with The Gymnast.

The lights went out again straight after though, during Madman Of The People.

NBC did another themed night later called Three Funerals and a Wedding, in which the four shows did either a funeral or a wedding. Newsradio chose to make their funeral for a rat.

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