7 Video Games Based On TV Shows

Some of the licenced properties for shows slip me by, and it’s always fun finding an old board game based on a sitcom. So here are seven computer games based on shows you might not expect.

First up, a point and click legal caseload for LA Law: The Computer Game.

Second is SeaQuest DSV, a SNES game.

If ever a show leant itself to a game, I guess it was Airwolf. Even the music sounds good on the Commodore 64.

Less good music can be found on The Dallas Quest, which boasted a script written by two of the show’s writer’s assistants.

In the Grange Hill game, you play as Hollo and Gonch, in an effort to retrieve Gonch’s confiscated Walkman.

The conceit for the MASH game is thematic, as you play medics attempting to airlift wounded soldiers back to the unit.

On the Playstation 2, The Shield had really good avatars of the main cast, and boasted all of the original voices too.

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