Schedule Spotlight: NBC Sundays 89-90

The first part of Sunday evenings on NBC in the autumn of 1989 was dedicated to The Magical World Of Disney. Come the summer though, this hour was extended to to a two hour slot.

With the Sunday Night Movie running from 9pm, that just left a single hour to fill, and that’s where the sitcoms sat. As the season started, the 8pm slot was taken by Sister Kate.

Made before Whoopi donned her habit for Sister Act, Sister Kate starred Stephanie Beacham as a nun in charge of an orphanage in Chicago. Created by Frank Dungan, Tony Sheehan, and Jeff Stein, it only lasted one full season, and by the end had been moved to half eight, and then vanished.

After this show, My Two Dads came on, enjoying its third and final season.

Yup, he is called Dick Butkus

The premise is convoluted, but I guess NBC wasn’t ready for a gay couple back then. The Judge seen in the titles was a regular character on the show, and even appeared in a couple of crossover episodes of Night Court.

Come the winter, Sister Kate was replaced with Ann Jillian.

This eponymous sitcom only lasted for ten episodes (with three unaired), and is notable as the show NBC picked up in favour of another Castle Rock show called The Seinfeld Chronicles.

In what’s called the Follow Up slot, 227 ended its run with its fifth season at 8pm on Sundays.

This was based on a play by Christine Houston, and developed by CJ Banks and Bill Boulware, with the 1950s setting updated to a contemporary one for the small screen. It was designed as a vehicle for Marla Gibbs, playing a similar role to the one she made her own in The Jeffersons.

After this, ALF was on.

I notice that ALF doesn’t get a credit …

Remember ALF?

By now it was on its fourth and final season.

So that was Sundays on NBC in 1989-90.
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