The Dozen Golden Girls Remakes

Brighton Belles, the British remake of The Golden Girls for ITV, is infamous for being so ill-received by viewers that it was yanked off the air after only a handful of episodes. We might have a closer look at it soon, and maybe do a side-by-side comparison of the first episode, like we did with The Upper Hand/Who’s The Boss?.

But there have been a few territorial remakes of The Golden Girls. Twelve to be exact.

Let’s get Brighton Belles out of the way first.

In Chile, the show was remade as Los Años Dorados as late as 2015 …

Just as late to the party was Turkey, with their version in 2009 called Altın Kızlar.

Egypt only did their version last year, and called it سكر زيادة.

I have no idea if these are clips from the right shows by the way …

In the mid-1990s, the Portuguese version was called Queridas e Maduras – but putting that phrase into the search engine throws up some very dodgy looking videos indeed.

So moving on.

Spain had two goes at adapting the show. The first, in 1996, was called Juntas, Pero No Revueltas (Together, But Not Mixed).

That didn’t do too well, so they had another go in 2010 with Las Chicas de Oro.

The Russian attempt was Bolshie Devochki.

The Phillipines asked 50 Carats, O Di Ba? While the Dutch simply went with Golden Girls, featuring a language appropriate cover of the theme song.

In 2008 Greece tried Chrysa Koritsia.

But Israel’s remake had the best success, lasting 69 episodes over six seasons. It was called Bnot HaZahav.

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