The Office Matrix

Peacock, the online streaming service for NBC Universal, is adding a lot of extra content to some older shows, not least The Office. Here’s an extended and ultimately cut cold open from the final season.

There’s some good stuff in here, not least the extended role for Hugh Dane, who nails it. But you can see why it ended up in the bin. It’s too long, overly elaborate, and only just worth the journey to hear Dwight being happy. They chose right, and showed him developing, rather than have him tell us.

But this clip does more to highlight just how toxic Jim (and Pam’s) bullying of Dwight is. I loved the US version of The Office, and can’t stop watching it, but the emphasis on this dynamic is grating all the time. Dwight is clearly troubled, and their behaviour towards him is reprehensible. And the worse thing is, it rings true. It’s exactly what would happen in that environment, and it makes me sad.

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