It’s June The 12th

“It’s the middle of summer, big ears.”

Every year, around this time, I am reminded of this, from the Time episode of The Young Ones:

As is Dawn French, it seems.

Anyway, I wondered about this date (June 12th), in particular its specificity. I can’t find any copies of an original script for the episode, so I don’t know if it was always written as this date.

But I think it might add some clarity to a confusion that surrounds the broadcast order of the second series of The Young Ones. Bambi was never going to be the opening episode of the series, Sick was, and this change threw the planned broadcast order into the air a little bit.

The PasC paperwork shows signs of this, with the intended broadcast dates possibly being amended with tippex or stamps, and Time is listed as the fifth episode. However, it went out as the fourth episode instead … on June 5th.

Was this line meant as a lovely easter egg (geddit?) for everyone watching?

Had it gone out as the fifth episode, it really would have been June 12th, and little me would have whooped at how brilliant that was as it happened.

If only.

(Thanks to John from DirtyFeed for help with this, and his articles are all well worth your time to read)

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