Jennifer Aniston’s Other Sitcoms

We’ve talked before on this blog, and on the Comedy Is … podcast about Jennifer Aniston’s role in the much maligned, and quickly cancelled sitcom Ferris Bueller.

The season before this though, in 1990, she was cast as a regular in the Fox sitcom Molloy. This was a starring vehicle for the hotly touted Mayim Bialik, and was shot at roughly the same time as the pilot for her breakout TV hit Blossom on NBC. Molloy was less well received, and was cancelled after four episodes, leaving three more unaired. They liked giving Mayim hats it seems.

In a weird coincidence, the year after the failure of Ferris Bueller, Aniston found a home on the sketch show The Edge, which also starred Alan Ruck.

The Edge was created by David Mirkin, who a few years earlier had made an unsuccesful attempt to remake The Young Ones for the US market.

Whilst appearing in this sketch show, Aniston also found time for two appearances in another Fox sitcom, this time Herman’s Head. This show was famously the first one to feature an advert for condoms on US screens.

The year before Friends, Aniston became a series regular on the CBS sitcom Muddling Through. According to Preston Breckman, this ailing show was cancelled after just nine episodes in order to free up Aniston for the Friends role.

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