The Doctor And The Bastard Bunny

A lot of thought must go into some of the props that surround characters, and more so into the ones that the actors are holding. Excluding ones that are there for plot reasons, the type of mug the boss holds, or the sort of book a friend reads, all speak to that character.

Here, in Health & Efficiency, Gary Olsen’s character Doctor Jimson, is reading a comic.

It’s 1993 and he’s reading the 1991 Issue #1 of Bastard Bunny by David Anderson and Jiouxleigh Jacobs.

An early 90s club scene icon, Bastard Bunny was ‘the coolest, drug-snorting, violent, club-going, psychotic rabbit in the world’, so this is a strange choice for a doctor who appears to be too old for it. Maybe it’s a marker for his immaturity, or a little nostalgia for his younger days.

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