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  • Splitting Images
    Splitting Images

    The curious case of Norris McWhirter and the explicit flash frames. On the 24th February 1985, viewers tuning in to Spitting Image on ITV were treated to a comedy song. Norris McWhirter didn’t see this song, but his nephew did, in excruciating detail, and three frames of the video would end up being argued over…

  • Does George Costanza Own A Hamster?
    Does George Costanza Own A Hamster?

    It’s fun, and educational, to re-watch a show you’ve already watched a few times before. The good ones all reward multiple viewings, because you find something new each time (and not just a whole damn episode you’ve never seen before). So it was, that while watching the Seinfeld season eight opener The Foundation, my eye…

  • Kate McKinnon’s SNL Audition
    Kate McKinnon’s SNL Audition

    Kate McKinnon is one of my favourite people in the whole world. Here’s the first reason. That’s Kate as a kid, dressed as Special Agent Dana Scully from The X-Files. Here’s another reason. And another: And I so wish that her full audition tape for SNL was somewhere to watch.

  • 7 Disturbing Facts About Bread
    7 Disturbing Facts About Bread

    Since I gave up bread, I feel better for it, and because I didn’t replace it with other food stuffs, I’ve lost more weight than I care to admit. But the reason I gave up bread wasn’t because of these seven spurious, possibly false facts. Bread Is Made Of Old Books It’s frightening just what…

  • The Ticking Man
    The Ticking Man

    At the start of the 1990s, Hollywood was going spec script crazy. They were paying Shane Black and Joe Ezsterhas millions of dollars for screenplays like Showgirls and The Last Boy Scout. In all, Ezsterhas reportedly sold $26 million dollars worth of Courier New words, half of which never got made. Amongst all this, a…

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  • Proctology: A Bottom Examination
    Proctology: A Bottom Examination

    For a long time now I’ve been wanting to write an old-fashioned programme guide. One you can hold in your hand and thumb through, make notes on, spill coffee on. So I did. Proctology: A Bottom Examination is my deep dive into Bottom, the hit BBC Two sitcom starring Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. That’s…

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  • Re-Casting Keanu
    Re-Casting Keanu

    Keanu Reeves is 56. That makes him eight years older than Clive Dunn was when he was first cast in Dad’s Army. But don’t panic, Clive Dunn was always playing much older characters than his own age. Keanu Reeves is 56. That makes him seven years older than Stephanie Cole was when she was first…

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