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  • Clipping Yarns
    Clipping Yarns

    Have a look at this full-page spread, because, you know, BUMS. There’s no mention here of the team’s upcoming solo/duo projects, but a month later, the BBC is pleased to announce … Here’s a listing for the pilot episode of Ripping Yarns. By May of 1977, the full series was already getting some nice early…

  • Michael Palin’s Teeth
    Michael Palin’s Teeth

    Here’s a radio advert for Monty Python’s Life Of Brian. And here’s a review of the exclusive performance they mention, from the next day (9th November 1979) in the Daily Mirror.

  • Siskel And Ebert And Python
    Siskel And Ebert And Python

    Here’s what the famous movie reviewing duo had to say about Monty Python’s Life Of Brian when it was first released. And here’s their review of A Fish Called Wanda. I remember that undressing scene and the window scene being on everything and everywhere during that time.

  • My Plan To Change The World
    My Plan To Change The World

    Has anyone just tried offering Trump a wafer thin mint?

  • Attacks Of Opinion
    Attacks Of Opinion

    Here are a few snippets from an interview with Terry Jones, made for The English Programme, in which he talks about writing a weekly newspaper column. It’s out of print now, but the collection of some of those columns, Attacks Of Opinion was published in 1988.

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  • Proctology: A Bottom Examination
    Proctology: A Bottom Examination

    For a long time now I’ve been wanting to write an old-fashioned programme guide. One you can hold in your hand and thumb through, make notes on, spill coffee on. So I did. Proctology: A Bottom Examination is my deep dive into Bottom, the hit BBC Two sitcom starring Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. That’s…

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  • Re-Casting Keanu
    Re-Casting Keanu

    Keanu Reeves is 56. That makes him eight years older than Clive Dunn was when he was first cast in Dad’s Army. But don’t panic, Clive Dunn was always playing much older characters than his own age. Keanu Reeves is 56. That makes him seven years older than Stephanie Cole was when she was first…

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