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  • I’m A 40-Year-Old B’Stard
    I’m A 40-Year-Old B’Stard

    Here’s a nice two-page spread from the Sunday Mirror on 14th December 1997.

  • Tricky Rik – Yuppy MP
    Tricky Rik – Yuppy MP

    In this article, by Jonathan Margolis, published in the Dublin Evening Herald on 14th July 1987, there’s some wonderful behind-the-scenes trivia about the research period of The New Statesman. Michael Portillo served as a political advisor on the show, and Rik was allowed to sit on the government and opposition benches. There’s even mention of […]

  • A Very Normal Bottom
    A Very Normal Bottom

    Here’s an article timed to promote the first series of Bottom, the beginning of Waiting For Godot, and the release of Drop Dead Fred, all in one go. It’s full of wrong info, and proceeds from the shocking premise that actors aren’t the characters they portray, but it’s worth a read nonetheless.

  • Riktendo

    I’m sure we all remember this advert from 1993, featuring Rik Mayall and a particular game for the Nintendo. It aired in the run up to Christmas, alongside this second one, which probably hasn’t stuck in our heads nearly as much. Nintendo were so pleased with Rik that they comissioned some more adverts, but we’ll […]

  • The Brit Pack
    The Brit Pack

    It’s always fun watching local papers find a way to make stories about less local things. Take this article for example, from the Birmingham Sunday Mercury on 2nd June 1991. It’s ostensibly about some local actors who have been making Hollywood films, including Rik Mayall and Lenny Henry. There’s a brief mention that Ben Elton […]

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  • Proctology: A Bottom Examination
    Proctology: A Bottom Examination

    For a long time now I’ve been wanting to write an old-fashioned programme guide. One you can hold in your hand and thumb through, make notes on, spill coffee on. So I did. Proctology: A Bottom Examination is my deep dive into Bottom, the hit BBC Two sitcom starring Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. That’s […]

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  • Re-Casting Keanu
    Re-Casting Keanu

    Keanu Reeves is 56. That makes him eight years older than Clive Dunn was when he was first cast in Dad’s Army. But don’t panic, Clive Dunn was always playing much older characters than his own age. Keanu Reeves is 56. That makes him seven years older than Stephanie Cole was when she was first […]

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