In The Can

If you’re given this chance, you need to grab it.

No matter what the cost.

When the director Helms gets the opportunity to make the movie of his dreams, and step out from his Father’s long shadow, he snaps it up. But what he doesn’t know is that Debra Spencer, the studio boss, has commissioned it for her own dastardly needs.

Can he wrangle his over-inflated Hollywood star, a fresh-faced co-star, a legendary movie icon, and deal with a hedonistic movie-mogul, a money-grabbing tyrant, a pregnant mob boss, and an army of latex pig men?

And will he get it in the can before it all hits the fan?

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Keith: A Novel

Crime, conspiracy, and cutlery.

Keith, an average man, with a sensible job, cocks a snook at his mundane existence, and he’s about to make the biggest mistake of his life.

When an insomniac with an over-active imagination decides to give in to his fantasies, what could possibly go wrong?

And what do the bloodied thorn of a rose, an empty buff folder, and a SWAG bag full of forks have to do with anything?

Keith takes you on a criminal romp through suburbia.

You’ll never sleep again.

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Comic Book

Canon City was burning. Perhaps he shouldn’t have set it on fire.

So begins this Kindle exclusive short story, written in five tight chapters, it has enough comedy adrenaline to revive a dead clown.

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Rotten Apple: Seven Deadly Stories From The City Of Sin

This is my collection of short stories. They’re a parody of the noir-pulp genre, and are very silly.

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Six Bullets

Six bullets.

Seven terrorists.

Everyone else on board was dead.

The Bjørg Istad is the world’s largest container ship, and she’s on her maiden voyage. Trond Nystrand has stowed away, running from a terrible secret. Halfway to his new life, Trond wakes up to the sound of gunfire, heralding the arrival of seven terrorists intent on wreaking havoc.

A rip-roaring quick-read novella adventure across the high seas.

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Smack The Pony

Critically-acclaimed award winning sketch show featuring Sally Phillips, Fionna Allen, Doon MacKichan, Sarah Alexander and Miranda Hart. Many of the best sketches were of course written by me.

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The Tools Of Screenwriting

Quite frankly the best and only book you will ever need on the craft of writing for the screen. Buy it. Buy it now.

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